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The District needs your help! As some of you may have heard we are in the process of looking for a new Superintendent for the school district. Part of this process is gathering information on what the community thinks the goals, priorities, and direction should be for the district as well as what traits you would like to see in a new Superintendent.

If you could take a brief (about 10 min) survey to help out it would be very much appreciated! Click here to take the survey!

The survey will close Friday end of day so please don't delay!

2CJ School District Division 22

Each year school districts are required to report to the community and the board on the status of the District with regards to the Division 22 Standards. The five standards that are reported to the Oregon Department of Education are:

· OAR 581-022-0606 District Improvement Plan

· OAR 581-022-0711 Policies on Reporting Child Abuse

· OAR 581-022-1130 Diploma Requirements

· OAR 581-022-1210 District Curriculum

· OAR 581-022-1620 Required Instructional Time

The 2CJ District is compliant in all of the above listed areas. The District has higher graduation requirements than the state and our instructional time surpasses the required hours. The District Improvement plan is scheduled for review and revision this year.

The District Site Council also reviewed the other standards that are part of Division 22. Our district does not provide Media Specialists or Child Development Specialists. We are able to access support in those areas, however we do not have regular services in those area.

The 2CJ District provides maximum opportunities for learning and activities with the limited funding. We offer enrichment as well as intervention services. There is a staffed Wellness Clinic on site and our students participate in Gear Up and Aspire.

Class sizes are reasonable due to low enrollment numbers. There are times when we reach into the 30’s when we have to combine grade levels. Instructional assistants are available for support during all core instruction.

We have established safety protocols across the district and review them regularly. We maintain high standards and expectations for our students at all grade levels. The school board is engaged and supportive of our curriculum, policies and activities.

Coats for Kids!

Driftwood and Port Orford Head Start students were the lucky recipients of coats from the Bi-Coastal Media "Coats for Kids" Campaign. Each year the KCRE and KPOD crew team up with community partners and donors to collect and clean or purchase coats for kids up and down the Wild Rivers Coast. Thank YOU from the students, staff and parents of Port Orford/Langlois School District and Head Start

Our Promise to Oregon

Promise of Oregon

Click HD to view full-quality video...Port Orford-Langlois School District 2CJ presents its first Promise of Oregon campaign video! Produced, directed and edited by PHS Digital Media independent study student, David Sax.... even the awesome music bed!

Posted by Leila Cassel on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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