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Career day 2014 was featured in a Gearup news letter that recently went out. It can be read by clicking here.

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Isaac Donaldson and the PHS Cranberry bogs were featured in an article back in January that some how missed getting posted!!! If you would like to read the short article please click here.

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Key Communicator/District /News

Port Orford/Langlois School District 2CJ

Key Communicator/District /News

From … Chris Nichols

District Update, March 2014

It is hard to believe that the year is passing as quickly as it is.  Driftwood is in the beginning stages of OAKS testing.  We are glad we were able to wait until after the flu had passed some.  We are back up to attendance being at 92% or above most days.  Pacific will be testing as well these next few weeks
Winter sports are coming to a close.  Driftwood boys’ basketball winds down this week.  We will be offering track at Driftwood and Pacific.  There is a plan for community spring soccer as well.

This is the first year for the Spring Open House and Education Celebration at Driftwood.  We will offer a spaghetti dinner and Dr. Seuss Story, to celebrate his birthday. There will be an opportunity to visit classrooms and see what is going on at Driftwood.  Please plan to join us.

As many of you have heard our District has been given the opportunity to sell tickets to the Bi-Mart Country Music Festival.  Our boosters, kids and staff have been hustling hard to sell them while we can.  We are half way to our goal of 250.  This is a great opportunity to raise money for our kids and their programs.

Pacific students and our Industrial Arts teacher, Mr. George, have been busy in the shop and out at the greenhouse.   We now have two resident pigs, Piggly and Wiggly, as well as numerous vegetables and flowers in the green house.  In addition, they have been busy filling chair orders along with their other projects.  We are excited with the variety of projects and the enthusiasm that has returned to this department.

Driftwood continues to participate in Knowledge Bowl.  This is a great opportunity for students to participate in a non-athletic activity and show their stuff.  We have added a chapter of Junior National Honor Society and will be inducting our first groups of students following the spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.

We also were lucky enough to receive a grant earlier in the year that allowed us to start a Robotics team at Driftwood.  Our team built their robot and competed in two competitions.  The donations and support we received from the community made it possible to travel and stay overnight and learn more for next year’s competitions.

As mentioned, the end of the third quarter will bring about the Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.  We will be offering the same schedule that we offered for the fall conferences.  K-5 will do half days and their teachers will conference by appointment.  The 6-12 graders will go to school until 2:15 both days and then the teachers will be available to conference both evenings in arena style at Pacific. There will be no school on Friday, April 11th.

Our enrollment as leveled off some, but is lower than it has been in the past.  There are a number of theories as to why that is happening.  While a few students have moved to Bandon, most have left the community to find work or be closer to family.  Our schools offer most of what neighboring districts offer, if not more.  We have music and PE every day for our K-5 students; middle school students get PE, computers, band, shop and study hall each day.  We offer tutoring after school at the high school every Wednesday.  We offer horticulture in middle and high school, and the list goes on.  We work with homeschooled students to support their opportunities with classes here.  We offer a full school calendar, sports at both levels, and have a fantastic scholarship program for our graduates.  This is a great community that cares about and supports our school.

We will continue to look for ways to keep our students and invite in new ones.

School Survey

Please click on the following link to take a short survey on school communications School Survey

Bandon Community Health Center update

Bandon Community health Center Executive Director, Linda Maxon, has released a letter to district families updating everyone on medical services offered to your family at Pacific High School. The letter can be found here.

Common Core Standards

The Port Orford/Langlois School District, along with the rest of Oregon schools is in the process of rolling out the common core standards in Math and Language Arts. This is our second year of incorporating the common core into our teaching. Along with the common core, the legislature enacted House Bill 2220, which relates to reporting student progress on the standards.

Oregon has had standards for all subjects for some time. Districts are permitted to choose the materials and resources they prefer to teach the standards. The common core standards are the same, districts are permitted to choose their own materials and resources, as long as they teach to the standards.

HB 2220 requires districts report “student progress” towards mastering the standards one time per year. Districts, like ours, have 4 grading periods. We will be targeting the spring conference time to inform parents of where their child stands at that time. We will be teaching and assessing their progress throughout the year and the summary will be what we discuss in the spring. Part of this process also involves moving towards “proficiency” grading. The house bill requires that educators report the students progress on mastering the standards knowledge, separating out what is known as “work habits or employable skills”; such as attendance, class participation, late work and so on. The scores in these areas can be averaged in on the final grade, but will only count for 20% of the total grade. We will still be issuing letter grades, however, some of them may be lower than what parents have seen in the past. The intent of the legislature was to eliminate or reduce inflated or deflated grades, but to reflect what was learned The Port Orford/Langlois schools will work diligently to keep parents informed, work with students that are not meeting the standards, and challenge those who are meeting or exceeding. This will be a transition year. Information about these initiatives can be found at



Firewood for Sale

Firewood made from the trees that were cut down in front of Pacific High School is now available for purchase! Money raiesd will go towards a new track/soccer stadium with bleachers for PHS.

Truck Load $75 - $100 (U-Load)
Truck Load (with side rails) $150 (U-Load)
Small Trailer $100 (U-Load)
Large Trailer $150 - $(U-Load)
Truck Load $75 - $100 - 200 (U-Load)
Split Wood (4'x4'x8' stack) $150 (U-Load)

For a printable flyer, click here.

Superintendent Update

Port Orford/Langlois School District News

Port Orford/Langlois District News September 2013

The 2013-14 school year is officially up and running. Enrollment is down at both the high school and Driftwood. We have 82 registered at Pacific and 146 at Driftwood. We have 18 registered home school students. There are 34 students from the Port Orford/Langlois school district attending Bandon schools or area private schools.

Schools in Oregon are being charged with a number of new initiatives as a result of Oregon’s desire to help all students complete a successful education experience. Many of the new things that schools are required by the Oregon Department of Education to implement will affect your student(s).

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) require students to think and synthesize the information we are teaching them. There are many CCSS standards in math and language arts which demand a great deal of time in the classroom and challenge children to learn and demonstrate their knowledge in many different ways.

Proficiency grading will assist teachers in measuring student learning in multiple ways. Proficiency grading will assist teachers in the measurement and assessment of the CCSS standards each content areas. Rubrics, which tell students exactly what is expected of them for mastery, are used to assess the different areas of content and skill that a student has mastered. It will allow us to show the progress a student is making towards the mastery of the knowledge or skills we are teaching. Additionally teachers will report “employability skills,” such as classroom behavior, meeting deadlines, following directions and working well with others just to name a few. Districts are required to report one time per year on the progress students are making towards meeting their grade level standards. We will be reporting at the end of the third grading period during parent/teacher conferences. For additional information regarding CCSS, proficiency grading and other education related information, please go to

High school graduation is changing. In order to receive what is known as a “regular diploma” a student must pass the OAKS tests in reading, writing, and mathematics, along with meeting the grade and attendance requirements. Students that are not able to pass the OAKS tests can earn the “regular diploma” by demonstrating essential skills through work samples in mathematics, reading, and writings, which are done in classrooms. If a student is not able to pass the tests AND earn the required number of credits, they will earn a “modified diploma”. Students that do not earn a regular high school diploma will not be eligible for student loans and/or the military. Completing the work and passing classes starting with the freshmen year on has never been so IMPORTANT.

Lastly, educators and administrators are participating in a new evaluation model. Multiple areas will make up the total evaluation, professional practice, student growth and professional responsibility. Needless to say, we have our hands full at Port Orford/Langlois School District. We are dedicated to helping every student maximize his/her potential.

Stay tuned for future articles, parent meetings, and website updates as the year progresses. Please also visit our website,, for the most up to date information.

Chris Nichols

Oregon Health Insurance

Oregon’s new health insurance exchange known as Cover Oregon opens in October 2013. If you are without medical insurance you can shop through Cover Oregon’s on-line marketplace. See flyer for details and go to for more information on assistance paying for coverage. Additional information for families on SNAP and have children enrolled in the Healthy Kids Program can use this one page form for faster application Fast Track Application

District 2CJ Trees

Many of you must be wondering what is going on with the trees out at PHS. Coos Curry Electric is in the process of replacing power poles and lines, so they are in need of cutting the trees. They approached the District on Friday, 4/26 and we met on Monday, 4/29 to look at the scope of the project. Jensen Tree Service will be cutting the trees. As part of the process the trees that are cut will provide firewood that can be sold by PHS to help raise money for the outdoor bleacher project.

Once the lines are in, Coos Curry has contracted for the tree re-planting so the trees will be replaced with fast-growing Leylasndii Cypress. The trees will provide a great barrier and will grow quickly. We will work with the soccer team in the fall to be sure that it does not create a problem.

School Report Cards

Below are links to the ODE school reports cards for the 2012-2013 school year. The reports are for Pacific High School, Driftwood School, and details sheets.

PHS Details Sheet
PHS Report Card
Driftwood Details Sheet
Driftwood report Card

For Important information regarding the 2012-13 report card please see Important Information on New Report Cards

FAFSA Application

FAFSA Application

January is the month that college bound seniors should fill out the FAFSA forms that allow them to apply for a range of federal financial aid, grants and low interest loans. Even students planning to apply for private scholarships need to fill out the forms. While it may seem daunting, it’s easy to do online with step-by-step instructions. The web site is free and user friendly. Our district is encouraging as many seniors as possible to apply. We have set a goal that 100 percent of seniors, even those who might not be considering college, fill out the forms. Priority consideration is given to applicants who file before Jan. 31. You can make changes right up through Sept. 24, according to the FAFSA web site.

Pacific High School’s ASPIRE program is going strong, thanks to our volunteer mentors. We have 9 mentors this year and are always looking for more. This year’s senior class consists of 22 students and 18 of them are in the ASPIRE program. The mentors meet with the student about once a month to help them figure out their plans for after high school, filling out college applications and scholarship forms. In 2009, 8 out of 21 seniors were awarded $43,700 in scholarships, plus 1 senior was awarded 80% of college expense over 4 years from the Ford Foundation. In 2010, 18 out of 32 seniors were awarded $71,000 in scholarships. In 2011, 17 out of 33 seniors were awarded $47,970 in scholarships, plus 1 student was awarded 90% of college expense over 4 years from the Ford Foundation. In 2012, 13 out of 21 seniors were awarded $51,000 in scholarships. That is over $200,000 in scholarships in the past 4 years, this is very impressive for a small school. It could not be possible without our local contributors; many have set up trusts and scholarship specifically for Pacific high graduates. Thank you for your generosity to improve the lives of our future.

Cindy Pogwizd
Pacific High School
ASPIRE Coordinator

School Bulletins

Driftwood Bulletin
Pacific High Bulletin

Sign Up For Flash Alert

FlashAlert® gives you access to emergency messages, and weather closure information from the Port Orford/Langlois School District via email or text message.

Signup is easy, simply click on the link below, enter your email address, select Emergency Alerts and click the Subscribe button. You will be asked to confirm your email address and create a password. Then you will go to a screen where you can manage your subscription.

Student Insurance Information

Our school district has selected the Student lnsurance Plan from K&K lnsurance Group to make reliable coverage available to parents. lf you don't have other insurance, this plan may be a resource to consider. Additionally, even if you have other coverage, this plan can help fill expensive "gaps" caused by deductible and co-pays. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting

2CJ District Surplus Items Now Online

District 2CJ is now placing public surplus items online for auction. You can view current items for sale here.

Oregon Healthy Kids/OSAA Promote Health Coverage for Student-Athletes

As you prepare for the next sports' season and school year, athletic departments have a great opportunity to let families in your community know about Healthy Kids! Youth who participate in sports are required to get a physical and have health coverage -- they are also more likely to stay in school and gain the skills that will help them succeed in adulthood.

Healthy Kids provides no-cost and low-cost health coverage for uninsured Oregon children and teens up to 19 years of age. No family makes too much money for Healthy Kids and the parent's income will determine whether a child is eligible for the no-cost or low-cost coverage option. For example, a family of four that earns as much as $67,200 a year may qualify for low-cost coverage - paying on average about $60/month to cover their kids. Coverage must renewed annually.

Healthy Kids covers all health needs, including primary care visits, dental care, vision, mental or behavioral health services, prescriptions, and sports' physicals. Youth will not be turned away due to preexisting conditions, or be put on a waiting list.

The Office of Healthy Kids is conducting extensive statewide outreach to ensure that youth and families know this program is available and, if already enrolled, remind them to renew annually. We have free materials and resources you can use to spread the word about Healthy Kids coverage, and we have community partners available to help youth and families apply for coverage across the state.

For more information about your school community, our work to reach youth and families in your area, and how you can get involved, please contact or call 503-269-0716.

Become a Part of 2CJ History

Now is your chance! We are selling beautiful 3x8 black plaques engraved with gold lettering. These plaques will be permanently affixed to the new bleachers on the North side of the PHS gym.

Each plaque will cost $50.00 and include up to two lines of text. All the engraving will be done by our very own PHS FFA/Ag Dept. Purchasing one of these plaques not only supports our Vocational Education Program, the profits from this fundraiser will go towards the purchase of a set of bleachers on the South side!

There are a limited number of plaques. Don’t miss your chance to be advertise your business, remember a love one or make your family a part of our Pirate history! Samples can be seen at either Sterling Bank or Chetco Credit Union, along with order forms.

Plaques will also be sold at the home basketball games. We have a few plaques installed already if you would like to see the final product.

This fundraiser is sponsored by the Pacific High School Booster. We support our students in both athletics and academics.

Questions, please call: Nancy Jensen at 348-2473 or Deborsha Lashway at 332-0535

Join Our Network of Key Communicators

Interested in staying up-to-date on issues involving the 2CJ District? Sign up to be a key communicator and receive email communiations from the Superintendent, newsletters, and various mailings related to keeping our members informed.

Online Application for Free or Reduce Priced Meals

Delicious Red AppleApplications are now being accepted online for free and reduce priced student meals. Please follow this link to sign up.

Children in households getting SNAP (formally known as Food Stamps) or TANF and most foster children can get free meals regardless of family income. Also, children can get free price meals if household income is within the free limits on the Federal Income Guidelines.

Have Fun, Make a Difference, Get Involved!

By giving of your time and skills, there are many ways you can serve our students, and we desperately need you.

Volunteer to help in classrooms. Teachers always need help, whether it be working with students, correcting assignments, creating bulletin boards, or making copies. This is important work, and will give you a new appreciation for what happens in the classrooms.

Tutoring students before and/or after school to help those kids struggling to learn. Even though we have the highest quality staff, there are not enough of us to always provide the individual help that gives students the best chance for success. Do you have skills in reading, math, or science that you could share with the students? If you could commit to as little as an hour per week, it would help us tremendously.

If you are interested in helping shape the instructional program, and making a difference at the District level, consider joining the Site Council. In 1989, with the passage of the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century, school site councils were delegated the responsibility of developing, administering, and assessing programs of school improvement. The councils are composed of teachers, classified employees, building administrators, parents of students and members from the community at large. The specific duties of our Site Council are:

The development and implementation of a plan to improve professional growth of the schools’ staff.

The improvement of the schools’ instructional programs.

The development and implementation of the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century at the school sites.

Many of us are under the false belief that we aren’t welcome in the schools, that the teachers can’t use all the help they can get, and that we don’t have the skills to help our students. Everyone has the ability to contribute to our students’ educations, even if it is just attending Board meetings, sports events, or other school sponsored activities.

Let the kids know that we notice and care about them by spending time in the schools and supporting the District programs. Please share yourselves with our students – it’s a blast!

For a Volunteer Application Form and Volunteer Background Check form, click on the link on the right of this page under the heading "Become Part of Our Future".

Contact your local school, call the District Office at 541.366.2111, or email to volunteer. Thanks so much!

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