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"Oregon Rising is unusual. It’s not a watchdog group, it’s not partisan, and it’s not a PAC. It’s not related to a ballot or bond measure. There’s no agenda besides the gathering of dreams about what Oregon schools should be. And the intention to fulfill the promise that our kids show by building on those dreams. The effort is sponsored by Oregon educators, teachers, leaders and superintendents, and school boards. They are hosting conversations across the state. And because not everyone can make it to a meeting, we’ve set it up so you can weigh in even from home."

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Port Orford-Langlois School Board selects Steve H. Perkins next as Superintendent

The Port Orford-Langlois School District Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Steve H. Perkins has been selected as the district's next Superintendent effective on July 1, 2016. The current superintendent Christine Nichols is retiring on June 30, 2016. Perkins and the Board are working on the terms of a tentative agreement which will be finalized at a public meeting.

“Even though he’s retiring from the Sutherlin School District, Steve still wants to continue devoting his time and energy to educating kids,” Board Chair Phyllis Johns said. “His work at Sutherlin has been impressive and he knows our area because of prior time spent at Myrtle Point. We are very fortunate that he was available and fits our circumstances so well.”

For the last 4 years, Perkins has been the Superintendent at Sutherlin School District with 1,300 students in Sutherlin, Oregon. He is retiring from the district on June 30, 2016. While at Sutherlin, Perkins previously served as a middle school principal. Before moving to Sutherlin, he was a principal in the Myrtle Point School District (640 students). Perkins has a Master of Education degree in Educational Administration from Portland State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in K-12 Physical Education from Southern Oregon University.

“I believe that every child has the potential to be a successful learner thereby developing articulate, socially responsible and active citizens of the world,” Perkins said. “Building relationships, developing leadership, and focusing on school as the center of our community, we can create an environment where our students are building a future for themselves. I am very pleased that the Board has asked me to continue my education career in the Port Orford-Langlois communities.”

Our Promise to Oregon

Promise of Oregon

Click HD to view full-quality video...Port Orford-Langlois School District 2CJ presents its first Promise of Oregon campaign video! Produced, directed and edited by PHS Digital Media independent study student, David Sax.... even the awesome music bed!

Posted by Leila Cassel on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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