A Call to Action

Call to Action…….

Please review this petition and sign to help stop the budget cuts to education in oregon.

The time is now! In an effort to ease the stress around budgeting, for schools, the legislature is attempting to set budget numbers quickly. While we greatly appreciate the sentiment the number they are aiming for of $7.23 billion is too low. It is a number that reflects “more of the same” for the Port Orford/Langlois schools. We would lose $308 per student for next year’s budget. This is about $85 less per student than we received for this year. It is devastating to think of where the cuts would have to come from in an already “bare bones” budget.

We have lost revenue to the district every year since 2010. This needs to stop. We have a lot of work to do and still need to maintain all of the same standards and all of the additional ones. Small districts need to speak loud and clear. The legislature is slated to take a vote early next week. I am asking for your help in reaching out to the people that will be voting and let your message be heard. They will listen to voters; they hear it all the time from superintendents.

Make it personal. Tell them how it will affect you, your students, your children and our community. Anything less than $7.85 billion will force our district into the “cut mode” once again. $7.5 billion would sustain us for the first year of the biennium but not the second.

The only places we will be able to look for savings will be in school days, programs, and staff, because we currently have no frills: no counselors, school nurses, librarians, specialists or support staff.

So please write a letter, make a call, use social media, but let your voice be heard for small schools and for all schools and children in Oregon. They deserve the best, and it time to invest in our children.

If you need additional information or have questions please feel free to contact me at 541-366-2111, 541-661-2766 or cnichols@2cj.com.

Here is who to contact. Please do it soon and often if you have the time, spread the word.

• Senator Jeff Kruse 503-986-1071 900 Court Street NE S-315 Salem 97301 Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.us

• Representative Wayne Krieger 503-986-1401 900 Court Street NE H-381 Salem 97301 Rep.WayneKrieger@state.or.us

• Senator Arnie Roblan (on the Education Committee) 503-986-1705 900 Court Street NE S-417 Sen.ArnieRoblan@state.or.us

• #speakup4schools

• For more information about schedules and committees go to: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/

Speak Now, Speak Loud.

Chris Nichols

Superintendent, Special Education Director, Title I Director, K-8 Principal

Superintendent update 4/7/2015

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Driftwood Student Guide and School Immunization Requirements.

In 2013, Oregon passed legislation that changes the process for claiming a nonmedical exemption to school immunization requirements. This law went into effect on March 1, 2014. More information is available at www.healthoregon.org/vaccineexemption.

The 2014-2015 Driftwood student guide is available by clicking here.

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Online Application for Free or Reduce Priced Meals

Delicious Red AppleApplications are now being accepted online for free and reduce priced student meals. Please follow this link to sign up.

Children in households getting SNAP (formally known as Food Stamps) or TANF and most foster children can get free meals regardless of family income. Also, children can get free price meals if household income is within the free limits on the Federal Income Guidelines.

Have Fun, Make a Difference, Get Involved!

By giving of your time and skills, there are many ways you can serve our students, and we desperately need you.

Volunteer to help in classrooms. Teachers always need help, whether it be working with students, correcting assignments, creating bulletin boards, or making copies. This is important work, and will give you a new appreciation for what happens in the classrooms.

Tutoring students before and/or after school to help those kids struggling to learn. Even though we have the highest quality staff, there are not enough of us to always provide the individual help that gives students the best chance for success. Do you have skills in reading, math, or science that you could share with the students? If you could commit to as little as an hour per week, it would help us tremendously.

If you are interested in helping shape the instructional program, and making a difference at the District level, consider joining the Site Council. In 1989, with the passage of the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century, school site councils were delegated the responsibility of developing, administering, and assessing programs of school improvement. The councils are composed of teachers, classified employees, building administrators, parents of students and members from the community at large. The specific duties of our Site Council are:

The development and implementation of a plan to improve professional growth of the schools’ staff.

The improvement of the schools’ instructional programs.

The development and implementation of the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century at the school sites.

Many of us are under the false belief that we aren’t welcome in the schools, that the teachers can’t use all the help they can get, and that we don’t have the skills to help our students. Everyone has the ability to contribute to our students’ educations, even if it is just attending Board meetings, sports events, or other school sponsored activities.

Let the kids know that we notice and care about them by spending time in the schools and supporting the District programs. Please share yourselves with our students – it’s a blast!

For a Volunteer Application Form and Volunteer Background Check form, click on the link on the right of this page under the heading "Become Part of Our Future".

Contact your local school, call the District Office at 541.366.2111, or email employment@2cj.com to volunteer. Thanks so much!

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