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Port Orford - Langlois School District is doing everything it can to keep students and staff safe and in school. The ODE recently issued a statement recommending that Districts suspend extracurricular activities as the new COVID variant continues to spread.

At this time, 2CJ will continue to have extracurricular activities and host spectators at our sporting events.

We have multiple measures in place in accordance with recommendations from ODE and OSAA. Masking is one of those measures. We ask that you please respect our request that you wear a mask at these events so that we can continue to host them.

If masking procedures and protocols are not followed, we will have to consider limiting the number of spectators to our events.

As we move forward, our decision-making will be based on what best serves our students and keeps them in person schooling. Please wear a mask when you come to our events.

Important Update