Scholarship Information 2016-2017

How to apply and how to download applications

The following are detailed descriptions of scholarships which students can apply for. Applications are in .pdf (Adobe Reader) format as well as .doc (Microsoft Word) format. You will need either Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word to view and print. This is not a comprehensive list of scholarships. Some may not be listed and you should talk to your advisor for any you may be missing out on!

Unless specifically marked, scholarships can be applied for via the general scholarship application which can be found by clicking here!

Scholarships that require a specific application will be marked with an ** and the specific application provided as either a Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader document or link. WORD versions allow you to input data via the computer and then print.

Local Scholarship Descriptions

Alice N. Jensen Memorial Scholarship: $500. Awarded once annually to a PHS graduate pursuing studies at a 2-yr., 4-yr., college or university, or a Bible college. Priority may be given to a student enrolled in business studies.

Boice Family Memorial Scholarships: 2 @ $200. each. Based on academic performance and goals.

Rogue Federal Credit Union: Two $1,500 awards are available to PHS graduates for use at a 4-year degree institution, a junior or community college, or a professional or technical school. DUE MARCH 1, 2016

Colson (Ronda) Memorial Scholarship: $100. Awarded to any PHS senior who plans to pursue a career in business. Applicant must be a Christian (a born again believer in Jesus Christ). Recipient is selected by the PHS Scholarship Committee assisted by a local minister.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha Sorority Scholarship: Two @ $600. Each. Selection by the ESA Scholarship Committee. Awarded to any PHS graduate who plans to attend an accredited two or four-year college; no limitations, any field. If not used by recipient fall term, funds are awarded to alternate winter term.

J.R. Allison Memorial “Salt Water Open” Scholarship: $500.00. Selection based on need.

** Ladies' Dew Valley Club Scholarship: $500. Awarded to an average student for post high school training. Selection is made by the scholarship committee of the club. Payment is made to the recipient in divisions equal to the number of school terms during the first year of college upon verification of enrollment.

Langlois Lions Scholarship: $500. Available to any graduating senior who will be attending a post secondary two or four-year institution of learning for professional-technical training or bachelor's degree. Selection by the Langlois Lions Club. If no candidate is available from the current year senior class, then it may be awarded to a PHS alumnus who meets the criteria stated above.

Lawrence Miller Memorial Scholarship: $500.00. Selection by donor based on need.

Marsh (Bradley) Memorial Scholarship: $300. May be used for any type of post high school education. Selection by the PHS Scholarship Committee. Payment made directly to the institution of the recipient's choice following verification of enrollment.

MacDonald (Ariel) Memorial Scholarship: $150. Selection by PHS Scholarship Committee. Awarded to a member of the graduating class with preference given to a student interested in forestry or geology. Payment is to made directly to the institution of the recipient’s choice upon verification of enrollment.

Mitchell Family Memorial Scholarship: $400. Awarded students fitting the following criteria: GPA in the 2.75 to 3.5 range; Preference for a trade school or community college; Excellent citizenship... (No MIPs or juvenile record)

Noel Martin Memorial Scholarship: $1000. Awarded to a 2013 PHS graduate who demonstrates the potential to be successful at any school in Oregon including vocational training. Need for funds will be a factor in determining this award. A high grade point average is not necessary to receive this scholarship.

** Pacific High Alumni Class of 1982 Scholarship: $500. GPA 3.25 or lower, with preference given to students interested in biotech, robotics, chemistry, or medical studies. Selection also based on SAT scores, and community service.

Pacific High School Student Body Scholarship: $300. The scholarship is awarded to a student for any type of two- or four-year post high school education. Recipient selected by PHS scholarship committee. Payment made from the scholarship fund upon verification of enrollment.

Pacific High School Community College Scholarship: $400. Awarded to a PHS graduating senior who plans to attend a community college in Oregon.

**Port Orford Rotary Club: Amount to be announced. Awarded to PHS graduates selected by Rotary Club. May be used for academic or professional/technical education at any accredited post-high school educational institution. Payment made directly to institution upon verification of enrollment. If you wish to be considered for the Rotary Scholarship, include a copy of your letter of acceptance from the school you will attend in the Fall of 2014 with your application. A copy of your award letter for financial aid should also accompany your application. Application due May 1st. Apply online at

Port Orford-Langlois Teachers’ Association (POLTA): $250. Scholarship award for valedictorian and salutatorian of graduating class.

Port & Starboard Restaurant Leadership Award: $500 Selection by David Smith, owner. Based on leadership, community service, need. May be used for post-high school training at a 2- or 4-year college.

Potter: Juston & Art Potter Varsity Basketball Appreciation Scholarship. $250. Scholarship will be awarded annually to a senior male and a senior female basketball player who have participated in varsity basketball at Pacific High School. Selection will be based on sportsmanship, work ethic, academics, team play, and financial need.

Ray’s Food Place Scholarship: $500.00. Payment made directly to the school of the recipient's choice upon verification of enrollment. GPA Requirement = 3.00 or better, plus applicant must have accumulated 200 hours of work (any kind) in the past year.

Smith, Lester & Era Memorial Scholarship: $250. Criteria include need, and academic performance.

**Sunset Garden Club: $500.00. Awarded to a graduating senior with an accumulative GPA of 3.0+. Student must be college-bound and accepted at an accredited school. Student must also intend to major in horticulture, botany, agriculture, ecology, forestry, land management, or related fields.

Varsity Scholarship: $300. Based on athletic participation plus academic goals and performance.

** VFW Ladies Auxiliary #3440: $350. Requires VFW application form and letter of recommendation. Selection based on scholarship, character, financial need, dependability, sincerity of purpose, leadership qualities.

Young (William) Investments Scholarship: $300.00. Available to students interested in a 4-year college or professional/technical education. Selection by the Scholarship Committee. GPA requirement = 2.5 or better.

Zuppe (John) Memorial Scholarship: $150. Selection by PHS Scholarship Committee with special consideration given to a graduating senior interested in physical education and/or the counseling of foster children. Payment is made directly to the institution of the recipient's choice upon verification of enrollment.

Our Promise to Oregon

Promise of Oregon

Click HD to view full-quality video...Port Orford-Langlois School District 2CJ presents its first Promise of Oregon campaign video! Produced, directed and edited by PHS Digital Media independent study student, David Sax.... even the awesome music bed!

Posted by Leila Cassel on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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