Teacher support evaluation guide

The Teacher Support Evaluation Guide as well as the form for Teacher Performance Goal setting can be found by clicking the links below. Selecting the Teacher Performance Goal Setting Form.doc will allow you to download and fill out the form digitally while selecting the .pdf link will just allow you to print.

Teacher Support Evaluation Guide.pdf

Teacher Performance Goal Setting Form.pdf

Teacher Performance Goal Setting Form.doc

House Bill 290

Please read the document below for important information regarding House Bill 290.


Renewing a Teaching License

Please read: Changes are being made to the process of renewing a teaching license.

CCI-PE: Commitment to Continuous Improvement through Performance Evaluation

The CCI-PE is a plan for encouraging growth in the education profession and for evaluating licensed staff. The CCI-PE is based on the premise that all teachers have a commitment to continuous personal improvement in their performance. The evaluation plan has two purposes: (1) professional development; and (2) the evaluation of teacher performance.

CCI is a cooperative evaluation system in which the teacher and the supervisor assume a joint responsibility for improvement. The success of this approach depends upon mutual trust between the teacher and the supervisor. Such a trust provides the basis for the kind of working relationship needed to facilitate the achievement of the District Mission and Goals.

2CJ has made the CCI-PE available on the web to facilitate ease of access to the plan itself as well as its associated forms. The following documents and forms are in .pdf format and can be printed, downloaded, and saved at the user's discretion.

CCI-PE Main Document - 2009-2010 Version

Commitment to Continuous Improvement through Performance Evaluation

CCI-PE Forms

Pre-Observation Form

Elementary Level Post Observation Form

Secondary Level Post Observation Form

Self-Directed Professional Development Plan

Performance Goals

Teacher Evaluation

Observation Self Reflection Form

Performance Standards for Teachers

District Licensed Staff Standards

Program of Assistance for Improvement












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